Life is challenging. And living life while Black comes with a unique set of challenges. These challenges are ever-present, whether we are actively conscious of them or not.  At best, we live in a society with norms that regularly confine and demean us. Many of us are also aware; however, that society actively supports our demise, through racial bias and systemic oppression. Our existence in this country is storied and harsh. We have persevered through so much, and we continue to find ways to fight for equality in present-day.


Yet seldom​ are we afforded the space to acknowledge and process what we go through. Rarely, if ever do we truly consider our experience, as we carry the burden of challenging America to live up to it's ideals of equality. In our efforts to strive, thrive, and overcome the obstacles in our way, our well-being can so easily become the least of our concerns. Specifically, our mental health - our experience as human-beings, can be neglected and forgotten.

Does how we feel even matter? Does what we think matter? Does our self-concept matter in the face of what society says about black bodies? Does our personal expression of femininity, masculinity, and everything in-between matter? Is it okay to be yourself when there are few spaces that truly welcome you? Who am I both within, and beyond my racial identity?

How you feel, what you endure, what you desire- it all matters, because you matter. Your mental health as a Black person matters.

The Black (Un)Conscious is a space of reflection and support. We're here to help you understand how your experience has impact on multiple areas of life, some that are conscious and easily identifiable, and others that are not so obvious. Using research, current events, pop-culture and clinical insight, we breakdown the conscious and less-conscious aspects of Black mental health. 

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