Conscious vs. Unconscious

The Conscious Mind

The small amount of mental activity we know about.

The Unconscious Mind

Things we're not aware of.

The dominant source of  behavior and emotion.


Well first let's outline some basics. Every human being has both a conscious and an unconscious mind. The conscious mind includes the mental activity of which we are aware. Its the psychological material that we know we know. Our conscious mind organizes information in a logical and goal-oriented fashion. Its the part of us that tries to find a cause for every effect, and moderates our instincts to the degree possible. This analytical probing, critical aspect of our mind is what you typically think of as being "you." 

The unconscious mind is a vast storage of memory, and experiences spanning the course of your entire life. In comparison to the conscious mind, the unconscious mind is a much larger entity. In addition, whereas the conscious mind is rather linear and clear, the contents of the unconscious mind are often encrypted with unclear or complicated language, symbolism, and imagery. Many of our most impactful developmental moments have meaning and influence that remain unconscious, and although we are unaware of it's impact, the unconscious mind is the primary source of all psychological activity. 


The more we can understand ourselves beyond what we already know and the more in touch we are with who we are, the more we can protect our self-worth, negotiate our self-interests and pursue a quality of life that is deeply satisfying. Because we live in a society that naturally invalidates the experiences of Black people,  we face additional obstacles to self-understanding, and ultimately, to mental well-being. To put it differently, we have a lot of invisible wounds, but lack spaces to heal. 

The  Black Unconscious is about reversing the mental health disparity in the Black community, and encouraging deep emotional healing by acknowledging the invisible wounds of living while Black, validating our cultural experience, and learning new ways to manage what we've always felt on an unconscious level.